Fire Department History

This web site is dedicated to the men and women that serviced  their community

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Hand Drawn - Horse Drawn - Motorizied

The history of Waynesboro's fire  apparatus from the hand pumpers, hand drawn ladder wagon, steam engines to state of the art motorized fire equipment.

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Fire and Incidents

The photographic history of the fire and incident the changed the way Waynesboro  look and the lives that it impacted.

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I am rebuilding

About fourteen year ago the Waynesboro Fire Department launched a web site to keep the community informed about incidents,d raising and what the fire department is all about.

While the site went through many changes, mostly because of programing and updated software.

A little more than ten years ago the domain name was sold by our host company and was offered back to the department for a large ransom. That is when we moved to a new host company and use our old web site builder. This set in place many technical errors that not even tech support could assist us with.

Presently with the reach and cost effectiveness of social media the Waynesboro Volunteer Fire Department has voted not to renew the current web site.

For the last four years the most popular and visited page on the web site were the history pages,"Big One" and the people page.

As the second historian I have spent a lot of time and my own money to research the history of the Waynesboro Fire Department. I have had a lot of help from the Waynesboro Historical Society, Pennsylvania Fire Museum, National Fire Heritage Center , Maryland Fire Museum, and the Baltimore City Museum with my history of our department.

I am personally rebuilding this the web site. It will focus on the history of the fire service in Waynesboro.

Please have patience with me, I not a computer guy or a web site designer, I am a fireman ! I learning a new program.

A lot of the photographs are copies Waynesboro Fire Department and were published in local news papers. In no way am selling or make any kind of profit from this web site. I using the photographs and language under the "Fair Act of 1976" that allows the use of copyrighted materials can be used as long as no individual  profits and that the material is part of historic research.




It is our History....

There were great days and very sad days. But we should never forget, the men and women that served our community and learn from our past.